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Where to buy cheap road tile (paving stone) in Kiev?

Nowadays in Ukraine there are probably no people who would not have seen roads and sidewalks paved with stone blocks and paving stones by our ancestors. We still enjoy the results of their work and the first advantage of paving stone is its durability. Pavement made of this material is long-lasting and very comfortable to use.

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Why should you choose road or paving stone from such a wide range?

Criteria for choosing the paving stone

The advantages of this type of paving tile:

Reliability - the average period that you will serve the paving stone - from 50 years. Such a road does not require constant repair, or replacement of certain sections, as is the case with pavement made of asphalt;

Practicality - for example, after the rain, a puddle will never accumulate on the road made of paving stone, because all the water will go into the ground through the holes between the stones. It is as easy to lay this material as it is to use. Its reasonable cost makes it a worthwhile investment.

Beneficial repair - the paved road is very easy to disassemble and put back together when you need to replace utilities or their initial installation. At the same time, paving does not lose its appearance and durability, it is very advantageous to use in places with subsiding soil;

Eco-friendliness - if heated from 25 degrees, paving stone does not emit substances harmful to plants and living creatures, unlike the same asphalt.

Basically, paving stone is made of 2 types of material - granite or sandstone. The first belongs to the noble stones, it is beautiful, durable, gives the paved road exquisite taste and style. It will not crack, fade or oxidize.

Granite can be used to make interesting patterns on the road, which is especially true for lots and gardens around private homes. Landscape design from a granite paving stone will only benefit. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, much more economical in price than granite. It is convenient because the customer can choose the thickness of the finished product, as well as its shape - paving stone made of sandstone can be sawn, chopped, with rounded edges.

Placement of cobblestone paving stones

There are several well-known methods of paving stone laying. They differ from each other only by the base placed under the pavement, as well as the purpose of the material. Paving is done with crushed stone and sand.

Before starting the paving process itself, it is necessary to carry out the marking of the site and the protective coating. The area where the material will be paved should be fenced with stakes and cords, then the level at which the ground is sloped is determined.

The first of these methods will perfectly suit pedestrian paths with little traffic. The base is made of geotextile, sand, lean concrete, crushed stone and paving stone. After marking, geotextile is placed, it is sprinkled on top of 15-25 centimeters with crushed stone, a rake forms a layer with a slope. After that it is tamped and the procedure is repeated, but already with geotextile and sand. This layer is moistened in water and curbs are installed. The base for them will be lean concrete, and fixed curbs with a solution of cement and sand. After that proceed directly to the laying of paving stones. It is important to make each layer denser, using a rubber mallet, and at the end to wet the site with a jet of water;

The second method is optimal for walkways with a large perimeter. All the laying technology is the same as in the first, only instead of geotextile in the second layer use a cement-sand mixture;

The third method is used for the construction of sidings, roads, etc. It is an order of magnitude different from the previous ones - first, about 20 centimeters of rubble are poured and make a formwork, then lay 3 cm of reinforced concrete and a grid. Everything is poured with concrete. After the curbs are installed and the concrete is thoroughly leveled, paving stones are laid. The spaces between the tiles are filled with sand.

If you are not experienced in choosing a decorative or building material, as well as in its packing - we will be glad to see you in Kievstone. Our specialists will readily help you arrange everything in the best way so that your paved roads will serve you for a long time! Also, we cooperate with design and project organizations, which means that if necessary, we can provide a full range of services for the improvement of your site.

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